Windows 2003 Expiration

July 14: The End of Windows Server 2003 canstockphoto4707658

Mark your calendars, because the end of Windows Server 2003 has arrived!

July 14, 2015 was the last day that the operating system will be officially supported by developer Microsoft. After 12 years of patches and updates, users of the 2003 OS will be on their own after the cutoff date. This means that individuals and companies still using the software will have to migrate to a new server setup soon, or risk facing security threats all on their own.

What’s at Stake?

While many server operators have already migrated to newer software, millions of individuals and companies around the world still use Windows 2003. In fact, some tech experts see the expiration of the OS as one of the biggest cyber-crime risks of the year. As official support for the software ends, hackers will be able to find and exploit vulnerabilities with ease.

Migrating server platforms is a daunting undertaking that is easy to put off until a later date. Unfortunately, that “later date” is now right around the corner. If your server is one of those still running 2003 software, then you don’t have much time left to make the transition.

How to Handle the Transition

Matrix Connectivity is ready and able to help you develop a migration plan and execute a transition with minimal interruption to normal operations. Switching servers is a complex task, but it doesn’t have to be a scary one. Software expirations are inevitable, which is why we prepare ourselves to help our clients overcome the challenge of upgrading their servers.

You can use the transition as an opportunity to consider new server options, like cloud hosting or a hybrid system. Say “No” to procrastination and give us a call to move your company forward today!


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