Why Every Business Should Implement a Data Back-Up and Recovery Strategy

White text flashing across a blue screen is enough to make anyone’s heart beat faster. As you watch your machine struggle to analyze and contain the malfunction, a few desperate questions pop into your mind:Back-up and recovery

“Were any files corrupted beyond repair?”

“Will a simple restart fix the problem, or is the hard drive fried?”

“What should I do now?”

Information is an increasingly valuable commodity for organizations of all sizes, and computers house the bulk of this data. Losing the contents of your hard drive at home is an aggravating and time-consuming experience, but losing files at work may cost the company an untold amount of time and resources.

That’s why every business that stores data in virtual environments should have a concrete back-up and recovery strategy in place.

Protect Yourself from Data Loss

It makes sense to protect valuable assets from damage and loss. We insure our homes, vehicles, inventories and personal health to mitigate the financial impact caused by unforeseen events. A managed back-up and recovery strategy is your insurance policy against lost data.

Recovery services are certainly essential following a full-system loss caused by fire or flood, but they are also helpful on a smaller scale. A thorough and continuous back-up strategy makes it possible to recover a single file or group of files from the network. You can access an older version of a document that was overwritten by mistake, even if it is weeks old.

What Causes Data Loss?

Fires, floods and other calamities at the work site can destroy your hardware completely. Software glitches, viruses and hardware errors can erase vital information from your system with no warning. An employee may delete a file or overwrite an old version with a newer one accidentally.

Taking care of computers, servers and network are basic steps every business should take, but even careful and attentive maintenance does not guarantee the safety of your data. Natural disasters and human error are inherently unpredictable, so you can’t rely on established safeguards as a foolproof defense.

Why Choose Matrix for Your Back-Up and Recovery Service?

Simply copying files to other machines, portable drives and CDs may be sufficient for backing up information on your home computer. However, you should rely on the experts when it comes to creating a back-up and recovery plan for company files.

The professionals at Matrix Group understand the value of your data, which is why we use our years of experience and specialized knowledge to design a reliable recovery strategy for you. We’ll plan for any kind of threat to your computers and networks, so you canmove forward with the security of knowing that your information is safe and sound.

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