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The tendency in information technology field is to distinguish between web design and web development or programming. Well, the good news is, we do both. At the same time, there are lots of people that can create a website in a matter of hours or start a blog right away. The question is how successful will they be? With Matrix Connectivity Solutions, purposing web design and development is an ongoing and extremely important activity. Defining the purpose and the audience of a website are key steps in the planning process that will significantly determine the design, languages, database and multimedia used. Together with the content, all these features lead to Search Engine Optimization, which is equally needed in successfully marketing your business. In other words, what is the use of a pretty web page showcasing your services if no one finds it, and vice versa, what is the use of being all over the place, if your services are not showcased properly? Design matters in forming a good first impression, but it is the content that keeps users informed, entertained and coming back. If your business has owned or managed a website, you know that almost everything can be changed. However, when you are trying to optimize your web for more visitors, where do you start? Matrix provides all the information you need to improve your web site return on investment, increase conversions and match your listing to more searches. So, if you have a website or plan to build one soon, Matrix Connectivity Solutions is able to deal with all the building blocks of a successful online presence: browser compatibility, search engine visibility, good design, keyword-rich content and so much more. And oh, did we mention quality hosting?

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