Virtual Private Networks & Remote Access

  • Secure access to all your IT and communications assets.
  • Flexible schedules can help to improve employee morale.
  • Increase productivity by streamlining communications and reducing travel time by allowing home office work.
  • Retain skill sets by allowing those with physical ailments, family issues or commuting problems work from home or satellite offices.

The world has grown in to a global economy and we regularly find ourselves traveling to do business or having to work from home. With our technologies you can safely communicate with your business network over the internet from anywhere in the world.

Satellite Offices

There are several ways in which you can link multiple sites together, dedicated lines from your Internet Service Provider can provide a high reliability line with secure communications, but can cost quite a bit. But VPN tunnels and modern Edge equipment can securely link up multiple sites with minimal new hardware and little configuration time.

Working from Home

Many people tend to think that access to your business network is the extent of being a “teleworker”, but the scope is far greater. With modern phone systems you can literally take your work office phone home and answer it just the same as if you were at your office desk!

Your coworkers or customers can still simply dial your extension to get instantly connected to your phone. Between your telephone and computer you can essentially perform all your job functions just as if you were sitting at your desk in the office and from all external appearances, you would be communicating from the office.

Flexible working environments help to improve employee morale and can be a cost effective solution for sales reps and mobile staff members.

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