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A Renaissance in the WorkplaceCulture

Developing a vibrant company culture is a goal that every employer should keep in mind at all times, whether you are interviewing a prospective hire or developing new internal policies. The concept may seem intangible or immeasurable, but it has a profound impact on the future of your enterprise. The character and values of your organization determine whether your business will thrive in the years ahead.

Matrix specializes in making connections, including those between people in the workplace. We offer culture services consulting to our clients, so they can benefit from our ideas and experience in shaping positive attitude in the office.

Forging Your Identity

Culture is not a matter of luck or coincidence; it is the result of careful decisions made by the workplace leadership. There are plenty of ways to shape the values and identity of your organization, so there is no absolutely “right” or “wrong” way to go about it.

You can institute an open-door policy to give employees access to management, or designate Fridays as casual dress day to create a more relaxed atmosphere. Many successful businesses schedule company picnics, group volunteer projects and other team-building exercises outside of the office to add depth to interpersonal relationships.

At Matrix, our team works for local causes that are important to us as members of the community here in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland area. Participating in food drives and charity events are a great way for employees to bond as a team outside of the workplace. We strive to create a culture of integrity, responsibility and accountability throughout our business.

Shaping and Adapting Company Culture

When you sit down to interview an applicant for an open position, you should evaluate both their skill and personality. Will their characteristics and values enhance your workplace culture, or will they create friction? Even some of the largest corporations base much of their hiring decisions on whether the prospective employee will mesh with their coworkers.

Growing companies often face the risk of “culture shock” as they take on many new employees over a short period of time. Some policies also become less effective as the number of employees increases. For example, an open-door policy can become an issue if there are hundreds of people that want to use it every week. Plan accordingly and scale your policies to maintain your culture in a growing and changing environment.

The Rewards of Positive Company Character

Developing a positive culture for your business creates a sense of loyalty and solidarity among employees. It also creates a better image of your company to customers, competitors and new talent. Employees who are comfortable in the office are more likely to communicate with each other, take initiative to solve problems and look for opportunities to innovate. They are also more likely to teach new coworkers and help them integrate into the fabric of your company.


Creating a positive personality for your company is a challenging task, but you will find that it is well worth the effort when you succeed!

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