Top 10 Places You Should NOT Be On Your Phone

We found this sign today and thought – what a great idea!  Imagine being on the other side of the counter trying to provide the best customer service to a client who is on their phone.

Or how about the other way around – often customer service providers are on their phone while attending to customers.

So we did a little staff survey here at Matrix Group and came up with a list of places that should be deemed “tech free zones.”  Add to our list by responding back to this blog or on social media – links below.


1.  When you are at the doctor/dentist/health care provider’s office.  Imagine getting the wrong file or wrong diagnosis because you weren’t paying attention when checking in or vice versa.

2.  At the grocery store.  Ask the cashier how their day is going instead of gesturing if you want bags for your products.

3.  Fastfood restaurant or cafe – server or the one being served.  Example – busy pizza place taking orders while attending to the front door or pick up orders.

4.  Sales people.  When you walk into a furniture store or to buy a vehicle – at any point when the sales person walks away or answers a call mid sentence just is plain rude even if they ask if it’s ok.  It just screams -there is someone more important in my world.  Same goes for the buyer – if it’s a big ticket item then maybe answer emergency calls only.

5.  Drivers – cabbies, bus drivers, public transit or even limo drivers on their handsfree devices with passengers around or when you get into their vehicles for a ride

6.  Daycare/school when picking up or droppping off kids.  Would you ask a teaher to get off their phone?

7.  Clothing store – either on the phone or in a deep conversation with other employees while shoppers are in the store.  One of us walked out recently after waiting 20 minutes to be asked if help was required

8.  Any meal time – at home, eating out, with friends, family or even alone.  Not only is a choking hazard to eat and talk at the same time but also just, plain rude way to catch up at the end of the day

9.   Movie theatre – this includes texting and yes not everyone thinks their phones are part of the rule to be turned off

10.  Dates, business meetings or serious talk time


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