‘Tis the season for Jingle Bells not alarm bells

While you’re letting your hair down, make sure your network is up

During this festive holiday season, when you may have many plans to relax and enjoy some down time with co-workers, friends and family, are you sure that your business disaster plan won’t let you down?  Here are some tips to consider for your overall business disaster recovery plan:

Batteries not included

Many businesses are quick to respond, and proud, that they do a weekly or even a nightly backup.  Terrific! But has it ever been tested? It’s just like Christmas morning with an eager child who is unwrapping a gift.  There’s the thrill of seeing the excitement on their face as they receive it.  Then, as they rip the last piece of wrapping off… recognition of that list-topping gift!  It’s the gift giver’s crowning glory!  But what if those three little words are read out loud from the package “batteries not included”.  The smile washes away.  There’s no power or punch behind the Barbie punch buggy.  The toy gets pushed away – unused and unproductive – until someone can intervene by purchasing and plugging in some batteries.  For your business, you are similarly unproductive until your break-fix IT provider can come on-site and get you up and running.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a Managed Services provider like Matrix in place to avert this disaster?

Peace on Earth or at least in the office

It’s probably a big stretch to say that business owners are as excited as that child unwrapping a present when their IT provider delivers a backup plan.  But they are at least assured and confident that they are covered in the event of a hardware or power failure of any kind that may result in data loss.  This is what doing a backup every night is supposed to give them.  This is why businesses should invest in some sort of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for their network.  Peace of mind.  Peace in the office.  Take the time to ensure your plan includes testing the recovery of data and a UPS in the event of a failure for the ultimate in Peace on Earth.  Matrix offers consultation on UPS, on-site backups and more!

I’ll be (working) home for Christmas

One of the easiest and best ways to ensure you’re covered in the event of a disaster at the office, is to work from home for a day.  During Hurricane Sandy, many organizations realized the value of providing their employees with the tools to work from home during the normal course of business, let alone in a disaster.  At Matrix, we can help you connect your key employees to your office systems on their smartphone, tablet or from their home network.  Then, if disaster strikes, your business doesn’t wash away.

Let Rudolph guide your sleigh

A great disaster recovery plan can include the Cloud.  You’ve heard people talk about it but you have no idea how to navigate your way through it.  It’s often seen as mystical, perhaps even magical – just like Santa.  But as magical as Santa is, even he called upon Rudolph’s help.  Rudolph, with his nose so bright, navigated the sleigh through a foggy night.  Our Matrix technical consultants can be your Rudolph and help you navigate your business through the Cloud.  We cut through the fog, the sleet and the snow (the Cloud hype) to provide a smooth path for your business to reach its destination.  We have cost effective and efficient backup solutions for your budget and peace of mind.  Every businesses’ version of Peace on Earth.

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