The Value of Virus and Malware Protection

MalwareComputer Viruses: A Growing Threat to Modern Businesses

An increasing number of Canadian companies rely on a network of computers, mobile devices and servers to conduct their daily operations. Most entrepreneurs would agree that these electronic tools are essential for the survival of a modern business. However, the efficiency of near-instant communication and the convenience of large-scale data storage are not without risk.

As businesses link up with the outside world through the internet, they also expose themselves to the threat of malicious software. Even careful computer users can come across toxic programs that could infect their machine. Business owners should take this threat seriously, because these detrimental programs can lead to serious, tangible losses.

How Malware Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Viruses and other malware are persistent nuisances that disrupt your company’s normal operations. They slow down machines and may even render them unusable, which hinders productivity and hampers your employees’ morale. Even relatively “harmless” viruses are difficult to remove and may cause frequent errors on the infected computer.

Some malicious software is nothing more than a nuisance, but certain insidious programs can expose your business to serious risk. Viruses are often designed to secretly steal information from your computer and send it to a third party. Credit card numbers, personal identification, passwords and other private data can be stolen and used maliciously by the propagator of the malware.

Tips for Keeping Computers Clean

As any computer-user knows, it’s much easier to prevent viruses from infecting a machine than it is to remove them once they are entrenched. All work computers should be protected with reputable anti-virus software, pop-up blockers and a hardware firewall. Disabling preview, auto-display and auto-download settings on browsers can also reduce the risk of malware infections.

Training employees is also a key part of your virus prevention strategy. You can pick up malware by visiting certain web pages, opening emails or clicking on links posted online. Encourage employees to avoid messages with an unknown sender and to stick to trusted sites when surfing the web.

Stepping Up Your Cyber Security

The threat of malicious software evolves every single day. New programs are created and old ones are modified to slip past the defenses you have in place. That’s why many businesses seek an active and comprehensive management strategy to prevent infection of work machines and networks.

Matrix IT professionals are seasoned experts who know how to prevent viruses from infecting your systems. We offer virus and malware protection as a managed IT service, so you can rely on us to help protect your systems from these dangerous programs.

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