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Keep your business yours – when using Public Wi-Fi

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Five Tips to keep your business yours when using Public Wi-Fi

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Connections – Matrix March News

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How to Back Up Data Off Site, Protect Online Passwords and NOT Get Hacked?

During the last days of summer, as we start to turn our thoughts towards getting back to a regular work schedule – there are a couple of things to consider and put towards the top of your ‘to do’ list.

1. Change and update ALL of you passwords. From servers to each computer station and personal information such as banking and especially social media site. (see below for the social media hack story)

2. Consider backing up EVERYTHING and taking it to the cloud. In fact, imagine having a “BACK UP” button on your keyboard. Why?

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SonicPoint Wireless-N Access Point

The SonicPoint N Series Access Points are great for providing large scale wireless network deployments.  They are designed with exceptional wireless performance in mind without giving up the security we all desire. All SonicPoint devices have removal antennas which can

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Networking and Security

Professional installation, maintenance and monitoring are pre-requisites for time and cost effective repairs, restores and fixes. Matrix Group can provide the highest level of security for your organization, hence the SonicWALL products that we offer, designed with data safety in mind.

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