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Keep your business yours – when using Public Wi-Fi

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Five Tips to keep your business yours when using Public Wi-Fi

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Theft Warning: Teens & Tech Toys

Theft of technology warning along with tips from police and the mother of teens. Helpful information to keep your expensive tech toys out of the hands of thieves.

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Scary Spyware Warning and How to Protect Yourself

One of the worst trends in technology is all the fear of hacking and viruses that we constantly hear about. It takes one dad email link to crash your entire office’s network. That mysterious overseas call offering tech support and asking you to go near your computer while experts on the other end hack wirelessly is a recent one we have seen popping up all over North America.

Or the worst of them all – hackers looking for access to your hard earned money and banking information. It doesn’t seem fair and often happens to the best of us.

We here at the Matrix Group specialize in keeping offices safe from the latest and most aggresive kinds of viruses. Preventative measures are crucial and our services allow us to remotely monitor your computers, network and tech devices and often we can fix the problem without wasting your valuable time.

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Safety & Technology

As a technology company, we are all for tech toys, gadgets and being connected all the time! However there is one very, scary trend that needs to END! Texting or talking on a cell phone while driving.

So we are having a contest and giving away gadgets to help you go handsfree (see below)

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CrimeSocial Media & Your Security

We all have heard the warnings about using social media safely. Not giving away too much information about our private lives or keeping a close watch on who can see your profiles and updates.
Example – the running apps which monitors where and how far you run and posts the results on your facebook or twitter was a big no no in Vancouver in recent years and especially for women.
Stalkers, kidnappers and police alike can use social media for crime related tactics. Add to that list – break ins and especially in the summer months.
Here is some great advice from the makers of home improvement products such as locks!

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