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Keep your business yours – when using Public Wi-Fi

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Five Tips to keep your business yours when using Public Wi-Fi

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Tech Talk: 5 Tips on Backing Up Your Business

This will help save you money and stress and take out the guess work. Don’t fall for claims by service providers that promise the world but have no real life experience or case studies that they can share with you or back up their abilities. It’s just like asking for references. Also ask about security, easy recovery, seamless integration in programs such as Windows and other programs you may have in your office.

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Things to Do and NOT to Do Before Noon

There is a great article titled, “12 Things Killer Employees Do Before Noon.”

The article was sent to us by our vacationing boss….first thing in the morning. So after a few eye rolls, we opened and read it and found out something pretty shocking. No where on the list does it say you need to check and answer all of your emails and messages before you get out of bed or that you need to text back everyone even when on the go such as driving or in the middle of a meeting or family dinner. This article actually points out some great tips on putting yourself first so you can function at your best the rest of the day. As a technology company we have see first hand how attached we are to our gadgets and devices and the pressure some of us may feel to always be working and available online, around the clock. It is nice to see an article that gets back to some basics and points out some key ways to take careful of number 1 first to be better all around. Great advice.

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