SonicPoint Wireless-N Access Point

The SonicPoint N Series Access Points are great for providing large scale wireless network deployments.  They are designed with exceptional wireless performance in mind without giving up the security we all desire.

All SonicPoint devices have removal antennas which can be upgraded to stronger db gain antennas should the need arise for a wider coverage area.

Managing a large number of wireless access points can be difficult, but with SonicPoint you can integrate the management through an integrated web interface within one of the Sonicwall Router products, such as the TZ series of routers.

SonicPoints allow your guests to roam between access points securely, without having to manually change access points; the hand-shake is seamless.

The Integrated Wireless Guest services makes managing wireless for guest and visitors easy.

  • Sonicwall solutions all provide the highest level of security for your organization, often exceeding industry standards!
  • SonicPoints are compatible with all of the most common wireless standards, but also other international standards.
  • Power over Ethernet allows easy deployment without the need for power receptacles.

The WGS or Wireless Guest Services integration allows you to easily provide wireless guest internet access through the automatic generation of guest accounts without compromising the integrity of your network.

As with all Sonicwall products, they are designed with security and data safety in mind and are production level devices that will provide a high level of user satisfaction.

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