Sleep Deprived After A Long Weekend?

Long weekends were meant for rest and relaxation but in the summer months – late night dinners, concerts, beach time and simply trying to get too much done before it gets dark leads to one thing: sleep deprivation.

The day after a long weekend, when everyone is supposed to be well rested and ready to go, most of us may be having a tough day back at work.  Why?  We tend to stay up later on days off, do more and sleep in, mess up our natural sleep cycle and then can’t seem to fall asleep on the last night of the a long weekend or last day of a vacation.

Here are a few reasons why it’s harder to sleep after having some time off:  An over active weekend or vacations tend to over stimulate the mind for days as we tend to pack in as much as possible – fun, sights, sounds, family, work etc.  We really don’t end up resting and instead just feel more tired.  When it’s time to get ready to be back on, especially the night before,  most people find it harder to fall asleep, even if they are exhausted.

Typically we get 1 to 2 hours less sleep than we are supposed to.  Then we head back to a short week with the intentions of doing a full week’s work.  The sleep deprivation cycle continues and it takes longer to get back on track for the majority of the workforce and even children.

Here are some tips – including how technology may help you sleep better.

1.  Schedule in a nap a day after vacation or a long weekend – even if just for 15 minutes.  Resting the mind will help you function better during the week

2.  Try to space out meetings and the to do list – give yourself more time vs. trying to cram in everything into a four day week

3.  Exercise – even if you are tired from a lack of sleep – work the heart daily.  Even a 20 minute walk during lunch can do wonders and will help you sleep better and possibily longer

4. Turn off and leave all technology out of the bedroom – phones, tablets, televisions etc.  Turning off social media and the new hit TV series will help you turn in and fall asleep faster.  How? Studies show the light from computer and television screens suppresses the sleep hormones.

However, we here at Matrix Group believe in using technology to improve one’s lifestyle, workplace and home.  So we looked for technology trends that are not all that bad when it comes to being well rested and there are some devices and methods designed to help you sleep better by monitoring your sleeping habits.  Here is a great article on incorporating technology in the quest for better sleep.

5. There are a couple of non tech related, old fashioned methods to help you sleep better too – eye cover and earplugs.  Here is more info on that:

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