Put Social Media to work for your firm…

Put Social Media to work for your firm…

Beyond the Marketing Department

Recruit or Generate Sales with FacebookTwitter and Linked In

It’s not just for the Marketing department anymore—other departments need it too.  HR departments can use it to actively connect with potential employees, streamline the application process and even help screen candidates.  Sales teams can generate leads, research and track clients.  Innovators and creators within your organization can use it to explore new product ideas and test the waters through market research.

Better than Email

The Possibilities of Yammer and Sharepoint

Since the early 70’s, email has served us well and most of us have been using it since the mid to late 80’s.  It’s great for one on one communications but where we need collaboration across a team, there are far better tools out there now—Sharepoint, Yammer and  Chatter to name a few.  Matrix Connectivity Solutions can help you explore new methods that work for your team.

Take Command of the Info

Social Media Command Centres

Large companies and public events have developed Social Media Command Centres to track all the comings and goings of its many forms.  Looking ahead this year and beyond, even smaller companies will have their own mini command centres and possibly even a tool to coordinate the real-time analysis of all of these pieces of data in one dashboard—twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. to track customer sentiment, improve service delivery and speed, etc.

Spread the Love

Corporate Charity

Your corporate charity event can take on new wings when you promote it on your firm’s Facebook page or Twitter account.  You can reach both your clients and beyond to their followers to create hype for an upcoming event.  Whether your team is participating in a charity walk (like the upcoming World Partnership Walk), hosting a Children’s Hospital BBQ or challenging another company for Movember, reach out and spread the love of your firm’s favourite charity using Social Media.  Share! Tweet! to raise awareness and money.

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