Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS)

  • Implements industry standard security to protect your user information and corporate data.
  • Centralization of data enhances your ability to backup your network information and securely manage your data.
  • Internal e-mail server with full collaboration suite allows your employees to work smarter with shared calendars and tasks.
  • Access to your e-mails or calendar from anywhere in the world with an easy web interface.

Microsoft Small Business Server or SBS for short, is a full business network solution built into one server. This is a great solution for small businesses that are looking at taking that next step from a peer-to-peer computer network to client-server based network environment. It gives you all the major tools to build a full network, streamline your processes and centralize your data.


  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Sharepoint collaboration
  • Network security and monitoring services
  • Email Web Access with OWA
  • Centralization of data
  • Scalability and Functionality

Microsoft Small Business Server is a fantastic product which allows small businesses to affordably implement a full network, email and collaboration suite. Give us a call and let us help you understand the benefits and advantages to running in a client/server based environment with Microsoft Small Business Server.

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