May Outlook Tips

May Outlook Tips

Here’s a few MS Outlook tips that can make your work life a little bit easier.  Add holidays to your calendar, set permissions to secure your email, set meeting & reply reminders and easily add new contacts.

Permission: Protect what you send

It’s easy to communicate with pretty much anyone via email. But there are times when you don’t want email you send to be forwarded to others, or printed out, or copied.

  • You can use Information Rights Management (IRM) to help prevent sensitive emails from being read, printed, forwarded, or copied by unauthorized people.













New E-mail: Protect your recipients’ identity

Send a message to multiple people without revealing other recipients’ identities to one another

  • This is a useful tool when sending a product offering to a group of your clients or a newsletter tailored with a special offer or special news to another group of clients
  • To send a message to someone without other recipients of the message knowing, use the Bcc line in the message. Bcc stands for blind carbon copy. If you add someone’s name to the Bcc line, a copy of the message is sent to that person, but his or her name is not visible to other recipients.

Outlook Calendar: Save the Date – your holi-dates

Automatically add holidays to your Calendar – for one or more countries!

  • from the File menu, click Options, click Calendar Options, and then click Add Holidays.  You can choose Canada and even other countries’ calendars if you or your company have a particular connection (perhaps you have a branch office elsewhere or family living there).





Outlook Calendar:  Meeting Reminders

Contact meeting attendees with a reminder or other message

  • Open the original meeting request, click the Actions menu, and then click New Message to Attendees.

Address Book: Quickly add a New Contact

Add a new contact from an e-mail message

  • Open the message. In the From field, right-click the name you want to make into a contact. On the shortcut menu, click Add to Outlook Contacts.

Email Reply: Remind yourself to Reply

Set a reminder to reply to a message

  • Right-click the message you want to set the reminder for, point to Follow Up, and then click Add Reminder.
  • In the Due By list, click the date when you have to complete the reply.
  • In the second list, click a time. In the Flag color list, click the flag color you want, and then click OK.


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