Proactive IT via Managed Services

Managed Services

The proactive services that Matrix provides under its Managed Services agreement keep your employees’ networks and workstations running smoothly. Spam filtering, virus protection, system updates, desktop optimization, and regular network back-ups maximize technology efficiency and staff productivity. In most cases, this has a direct impact on your clients’ interaction experiences and satisfaction.

Backup & Recovery Plans

The true value of a good back-up and recovery plan is usually only realized when disaster strikes, but imagine that there was a fire and your network was destroyed; how much would the loss of information cost your business? As a part of our Managed Services, Matrix will implement a plan and ensure your back-up is always fully functioning.

Update & Patch Management

Updates keep your systems functioning well until it’s time to buy new software. However, installing updates for the programs that your business relies on must be carefully timed and implemented. Matrix will make sure this process is carried out seamlessly.
Patches are tools that can be used to repair minor issues like a security gap or a software bug, or they can improve a program’s usability and performance. However, there are several types of patches and many ways to implement them. At Matrix, we sort out which patches your business needs and when, and how to apply them best.

Antispyware & Spam Management

Spyware collects information from your computers without your knowledge and keeps your systems from performing their best. If it’s not managed effectively, spyware can give away information about your business, your clients, and your employees. Matrix can help you manage the vulnerability of your systems by monitoring the traffic on your network – what comes in and what goes out. We make sure your systems are secure, and you get the improved performance that comes with that.
Spam is communication that fills up your inbox from unwelcome sources. Matrix implements filters that control the spam coming into your network and to its users.

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