Life Lesson 2: Learn to Share At Your Workplace


Life Lessons & How We Use Technology in the Workplace Series

Lesson 2: Learn to Share



The Typical Workplace Goal:

To have an organized, easy to use, easy to share filing system that every department from accounting to sales to human resources can seamlessly use to track projects, expenses, employees and clients.

The Typical Workplace Scenario: Why Can’t I Find Anything?

Missed sales, missed meetings, missed follow ups – it all leads to missed opportunities and money.  It may also lead to missing budget expectations or really hurt the bottom line.

Example:  The limo company that grew so fast it went from two employees to four departments but failed to share information properly.

Their booking system included a large appointment book and a pen.  Their databases were out of date, hard to find and unsharable.

When the marketing department and sales team started booking appointments for the fleet of limos – drivers would miss appointment, be late and soon there was a department added to this company.  The complaints department.

Luckily someone stepped in and decided it was time to share files, appointments, client information and bookings as they come in and instantly share information with drivers on the road.  They used desktops, wireless tablets and smartphones and put all their files in the cloud.  So from a booking on the phone to driver only took minutes instead of hours and the risk of lost files was zero because everything could be tracked.


The Matrix Connectivity Solution: 

  • Anywhere access and collaboration. Real-time file sharing and editing. Instant messaging, web conferencing, database sharing and business communications.
  • We can help you set up a system that will allow everyone on your team to access the information and resources they need at any time, from almost any device.

Example: emergencies happen and not always at the best of times.  Imagine being out of town or at an important event and there is a work related emergency – you can go solve it within an hour online or fly all the way or worse yet…disappoint loved ones and have to leave a function.  We can show you why you may never have to worry about this again.

  • Companies who have employees stationed around the city, province, country or even the world also need a way to conduct online meetings, share office files instead of office space and stay within a reasonable budget.
  • So instead of expensive travelling – the cloud is making the virtual meetings more than just a simple skype chat. People can work on projects together like approving renovations, a new purchase, recording and editing a video or proofing a large document – all together and on one network, at the same time.
  • Screen sharing can also allow you to more conduct more effective meetings with colleagues, partners and customers with proper audio and video so you don’t spend half the time shouting, “can you hear me?”
  • We can set you up to simultaneously edit almost any kind of document or project.  Example – that day after a cold or flu and you are ok to work but still contagious so you stay home and stress about a deadline.  Imagine being able to work with your colleagues online and get the project done on time.  Imagine how grateful your clients and boss will be to NOT hear any excuses?

Result: Save hours of senseless filing, sending and waiting to receive documents and save money commuting, flying and lost productivity time within the team.  Simply put – get more done and grow your business with the right IT tools in place.  Let us show you how we can help.

Contact us for a consultation so we can assess your needs and how we may be able to provide easy,

cost effective and new age solutions so you can make the most of your time and focus on making a profit!

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