Life Lesson 1: Communicate Better & Keep Your Secrets Safe

Life Lessons & Using Technology

The lessons we are taught growing up, whether it is at home, in school, at work or in running a business, somehow all seem to apply to technology these days.  Common life lessons can be related to how you should be using technology to run your office or your business.  Take a look at any company in the world and you will find signs of successful operations based on innovative, smart tech solutions that go behind on the basic databases, internal email or chat features.

Be it the logistics of running a trucking company across North America or running a car dealership – technology is essential in running a smooth operation.  The smoother things run with the right technology in place, the better the sales will be and the better the business will run overall.

We will be posting life lessons and how they relate to what we do (technology) and how they can help you the business, charity or organization possible.

Lesson 1 is all about communicating better and making sure your secrets – such as valuable documents, passwords, web use and financial information – is always safe online where ever you work, create and live.

How can we, the Matrix Group, better help your internal communication system to make your company better overall?

The Typical Workplace Goal: How Can We Be More Productive?

Talking, listening and sharing in equal amounts leads to better work as a team and progress in completing tasks, projects and overall success.

The Typical Workplace Scenario: Why Can’t We Get More Done?

High powered meetings, lots of great ideas are shared but something is causing “follow through failure.”

Do you feel like your meetings are a waste of time?

Follow through failure is when projects and tasks don’t get completed on time or at all.

The reason – documents get misplaced, there is no way to monitor progress or share and work on files together from different work stations.  Instead managers and owners are left with excuses that generate zero revenue and/or zero results can often lead to internal finger pointing among employees and departments.

The Matrix Connectivity Solution:

How to get more out of your meetings?

  • Imagine after the meetings are done and great ideas are exchanged – work is executed and the plans perfectly completed because all those involved were able to share the files, show progress and interact seamlessly and without delays.

Better communication online can help keep the ball rolling and help complete more tasks, more of the time.

  • Networking a workplace so it can work in sync by sharing programs is just one of the many solutions we can help provide and maintain for your business along with the top rated security measures you can share internal document safely.
  • How about conducting online meetings?  Skype is free and simple but how about conducting online meetings where you can share computer screens and work on documents, files or programs at the same time from anywhere in the world.  We can help you conduct online meetings with colleagues, partners and customers with reliable audio, clear video and screen sharing.
  • Would you like to share important information?  If you have any kind of material, databases, reports or program of a private, confidential or top secret nature – we can help you share those document with ONLY those who are meant to see it and utilize it safely and securely.
  • We have the experience, over 20 years, and know how to keep your most private files secure with the best industry products to prevent data leaks, hackers, and tracking. 
  • Smart solutions like removable devices for backing up sacred files not just in the office but also off site in case of an emergency or natural disaster.  We go beyond passwords and simple, store bought products that you install once and never see again, until it’s too late.

Example: The car dealership that saved hours a day when their communication skills went from just internal email to shared calendars, appointments, customer information, secure databases, product details and setting up sales staff with instant messaging.  This allowed them more time doing their job (working with customers) rather than tied to their desks answering emails or forgetting important messages because they couldn’t get to their emails all of the time. 

Result: More money made in sales and for the entire dealership!

Contact us for a consultation so we can assess your needs and how we may be able to provide easy, cost effective and new age solutions so you can make the most of your time and focus on making a profit.

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