Lesson 4: Save Your Money For a Rainy Day

 Life Lessons & How We Use Technology in the Workplace Series


Lesson 4: Save Your Money For a Rainy Day


The Typical Workplace Goal:  To keep all operating costs low and do as much yourself as possible when running a business.


The Typical Workplace Scenario:  Owners and key people spending their time doing computer repairs, upgrades and other tasks best left to the experts so they can focus on using their own expertise to grow their business.

Example: A small Pilates studio expanded to its second location but spent most of their time on sending emails and messages between the two offices because the owners decided to save money by not adding any IT to their already tight budget.  So they spent hours a day running back and forth between both offices, on email, text and phone trying to share files, appointments and client information.

This didn’t leave them much time to do their ‘real’ jobs like promoting, teaching classes and even family time.  And then the unthinkable happened – an email virus was shared between both studios and almost wiped out their entire system because someone didn’t have time to back things up properly.

Frustration among the owners almost resulted in both studios being shut but then they discovered recovery services, backup solutions and cloud computing with help from Matrix.  The hours a day that were freed by easy solutions and quick installation of shared programs and files lead to an increase in productivity and profits.  It also helped free up time to focus on building the business.

In less than a month, the owners quickly learned it was much cheaper to budget for IT every month vs. one big, unexpected bill.  Save your money for a rainy day, not for something that can be easily avoided.

The Matrix Connectivity Solution:

  • At Matrix Group, we are not going to sell you something you don’t need or won’t know how to use.
  • Everyone needs various plans to fit their budgets and that is what we offer .
  • For instance, backing up your network on a daily basis is as simple as unplugging your cell phone and taking it home with you. We set a backup drive up that you can plug in in the morning and take home in the evening so you can be worry free about not just backing up all your valuable files but backing it all up and off site.
  • In case of theft or fire for example – this is essential for disaster relief. Just imagine for a second – how many hours or days could you afford not to lose.  Imagine if everything was backed up on a daily schedule – your entire business wouldn’t skip a beat or lose valuable clients and money.
  • We are also your experts on taking your office into the Cloud by giving you products that can significantly reduce your software and hardware costs and ensure that you have all the latest updates without moving a finger.
  • Not only do storing documents on your computers and services consume hard drive space, but software products are expensive, including the additional license costs that you may need.

Result: Stick to a clear and tight budget when it comes to IT

IT solutions aren’t supposed to clear out the yearly budget!


Contact us for a consultation so we can assess your needs and how we may be able to provide easy,

cost effective and new age solutions so you can make the most of your time and focus on making a profit!

Matrix is I.T. with integrity and intelligence!  604-541-8957

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