Lesson 3: If It Ain’t Broke – Then You Don’t Have To Fix It

Life Lessons & How We Use Technology in the Workplace Series

Lesson 3:  If it ain’t broke – then you don’t have to fix it


The Typical Workplace Goal:   We all want to work with what you know.  At Matrix Connectivity Solutions, we work with companies who are looking to upgrade to technology that is easy to learn, implement into their existing operations and helps to save time and money at the end of the day.

The Typical Workplace Scenario:  Introducing too many technological changes at once can disrupt work and delay productivity and ultimately affect the bottom line.  This often leads to aggravated employees who may not be able to adapt and may be overdosed with too many changes.  End result – more time fixing than making progress.

The Matrix Connectivity Solutions:

  • We can help you figure out a plan that will best utilize your existing applications, perhaps with just an upgrade, instead of having to purchase new ones.


  • Our philosophy is – work with what you know and let us assess what you need while keeping your budget in mind.


  • We provide powerful tools for managing everything from your email system, instant messaging, calendars, contacts and even mobile office solutions.


  • Network monitoring – we monitor and keep an eye on your IT around the clock.  So instead of waiting to fix something when it breaks, we are monitoring and repairing minor leaks before they become floods.


  • How? Remote Monitoring and Management Solutions


What is Remote Monitoring and Management Solution or RMM?

  • RMM helps us manage your needs and provide efficient support.  Agent based RMM solutions are usually more stable and reliable since they require less network traffic.  IE: we don’t always have to come into your office to work on the network or on a workstation.
  • Our technicians connect remotely and can perform many support services both proactively and reactively without the costs or time of attending on-site.
  • RMM can perform a number of tasks automatically, allowing for pre-emptive network management without interruption to you or your workplace.
  • We provide everything from constantly monitoring and problem solving remotely to full network management and support by phone and in person.
  • The key element to this service offering is that it  is preventive in nature.  When you take preventive measures and ongoing maintenance to make sure things don’t break down, you can avoid expensive repair bills.


A long standing client was accustomed to calling us in only at the point when something on the network went “down” or a workstation failed to come up.  They didn’t feel for a company their size (20 users) that they needed a RMM plan.  Then one day, when they all came in to work, their network called in sick!  Yes, overnight their server had crashed.  No problem, they thought, we have a recent backup.  Oops, the backups hadn’t been checked in a while.  The latest backup that worked was two weeks ago.  Yikes!  Two weeks worth of orders lost.

If this company had RMM services, everybody would have been alerted to the unsuccessful backups, not to mention the server’s imminent crash.  The labour hours involved in re-entering all of the data from the two weeks lost not to mention the labour charges to bring their systems back up, could have been almost entirely avoided with a RMM plan.  Not to mention the thousands of dollars and countless hours they lost too.  The math is simple when you think long term investment in your technology.


Contact us for a consultation so we can assess your needs and how we may be able to provide easy,

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