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Six Steps to Moving Your Software to the Cloud

As more and more offices try to get rid of filing cabinets, cut down on printed documents and time spent on emailing back and forth – moving things to the Cloud makes a lot of sense for the majority of clients we deal with.  We found a great article on steps you should consider if you want to make the switch.  If you need consultation on this or any IT related matters – keep Matrix Connectivity  Solutions in mind.


The global enterprise software industry is in a period of rapid transition, with more companies and industries being run on software and delivered as an online service to a widening range of connected devices. Advances in processing, mobile devices, wireless networking, the Internet and other technologies have fundamentally eliminated the defenses of established industries, and software companies face unprecedented opportunities in the years ahead to deliver cloud-based solutions.

As a result, leading independent software vendors (ISVs) are transforming their products and services along many dimensions for cloud-based delivery. Here’s a look at the six most common steps they’re taking towards cloud-based enterprise software:

Leverage Latest in Usability, Tech

The staggering growth of smartphones, tablets and other connected devices create a range of new usability challenges for cloud-based services. Differences in screen size, processing, power consumption, wireless performance, gesture and new user interfaces (UIs) such as advanced haptics and more create a clear competitive need to leverage the latest in UI design and usability best practices to successfully deliver cloud-based services.

Optimize for the Mobile Ecosystem

Creating complete functionality in a mobile environment along with optimizing application performance over various wireless networks — including cross-platform delivery to mobile devices — must be achieved. Testing all the various combinations of devices, operating systems and wireless networks also is a must for software delivered from the cloud.

Embrace Traditional, ‘As a Service’-Models

Shifting from traditional software and delivery models to software as a service (SaaS) fundamentally changes the economics of the software industry. It also can open new markets, significantly reduce capital and operational costs, and enable ISVs to dramatically improve their overall business model. Evolving to this model is highly complex and a multi-stage process with a significant number of technology decisions to make, but clearly a must do to remain relevant in the modern world of software and the cloud.

Harness Real-Time Analytics

One of the most powerful competitive weapons in the software industry today is analytics. Data – increasingly unstructured – is everywhere and the terabytes are piling up for many organizations. ISVs must have a clear plan to capture, analyze and create actionable, predictive intelligence in real time.  This area continues to evolve very quickly and is likely to remain a key area of software transformation for years to come.

Monetize New Market Opportunities

Cloud-based software delivery has the potential to open new markets and new sources of significant revenue for ISVs.  Simply cloud-enabling software can help ISVs take their solutions in new markets or geographies.   In some industries, client analytics can also be significantly monetized.  A goal of any transformation plan should be top and bottom line growth and mining new markets is the shortest path to success.

Refresh Core Development Practices

Modernizing traditional software development practices such as multi-site development processes, quality, automation and outsourcing of non-core product lines are just the beginning of core practices that may need a refresh for cloud-based delivery. Some of these can also yield the biggest gains in terms of immediate return on investment.

The software market is undergoing a dramatic change. The cloud is not just redefining the ISV landscape, but also providing tremendous opportunities to innovate and create next generation solutions. Don’t get caught behind the transformation curve as your customers won’t wait.


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