How to Save $50K, 25K or even 10K a year on your IT Department

When it comes to your IT department you may think like most business owners think, everything is fine as long as things don’t break down too much, things are good. I invite you to consider that things may not be so good.

Most businesses we visit, owners believe everything is fine until they see the real picture. Our free Network Analysis shows the reality – in actuality one’s technology is not running optimally, which translates to productivity loss, over staffing and redundancies.

Technology is a complex thing to understand for most business owners. It’s easier to hand it to someone and say “take care of this. I don’t know anything about it, you handle it.” What owners don’t realize that in “Passing the buck” to a break fix guy, an internal staff or dedicated IT person they are losing advocacy for their business. Finding a quick resolution to the issue and having it up and running is their priority. But who in fact is making sure that it ties in with the utilization and productivity of your business? Is it you? Is it the the staff member who is doing IT but also focusing on their non IT job functions? Or is it the Break Fix Guy who quickly comes in fixes it but doesn’t get to the core of the problem – because the more often issues occur the more he earns, fixing it over and over?

So how is this costly and how do you save $50k, 25k or 10k?

equal-success1) When it comes to having hired a technician to manage your technology, what you have is an employee making sure things run – there’s an issues they resolve it, there’s a break down they fix it and that’s it!. This may help you run your operation day to day but not long term. What about making sure you have the fastest and best tools in place so that your employees can be more productive.

What happens when that internal IT guy or staff member goes home for the day? Are they on call 24/7? Is there someone more senior in IT checking this persons work? Making sure that what they are doing is the best. If it’s not the best, it’s costing you money!

2) Make sure you have the newest systems in place. It saves your employees time and their time is your money. That alone depending on your business could do it for you. More often than not we find businesses having their own technician also have systems that are out of date and not running like they should. Why is that?

The common answer from owners, “that person is the expert so I trust he is doing everything right.” Or often the IT guy or staff member may make recommendations for improvement but cannot provide the value behind the investment. No diagnostic analysis of current technology versus new systems is provided to illustrate just how effective the new change can be. This is not being proactive and when you’re not proactive it comes back to bite you later on.

Matrix-X-Only 12

3) The fastest way to begin saving money for your business is to have Matrix Connectivity Solutions perform a free IT analysis.

We have done it many times before with other businesses and saved them more than they could have imagined in One Year!

Imagine cutting your IT expenses by 10%-40%. When you outsource your technology management to professionals like Matrix you get the peace of mind you want and the savings you love.

Be proactive with your business. Make the first step and call Matrix (604) 541-8957. Start with at least knowing what you don’t know.

We look forward to partnering with you on your future success. Please click the email link to chat with us a receive a complimentary network assessment.

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