How To Create Success With Managed IT Services

When it comes to your business, having it be successful is Number 1. To most people success is measured by producing financial wealth but to me, it is also providing peace of mind, happiness, connection and balance in life including time with friends and family.

How do you create this kind of success by using IT Managed Services? Well first a quick definition of Managed Services – it is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day technology management and operations as a strategic method for improving productivity and cutting expenses. However what is entailed and accomplished with managed services is so much greater then just it’s definition.

Technology can be cumbersome, time consuming and if we allow it, it will take the focus away from what we should be doing or what we are good at doing in our business. With managed services, the whole technology burden is uplifted from your shoulders so that you are free to do your best work on your business. When you’re doing your best, your business can do it’s best, meaning more sales, peace of mind and balance for you.

bad computerMajor burdens that disrupt your success caused by technology are:


  • Servers crashing and sometimes down for days
  • Emails and other technology down repeatedly
  • Slow response from current IT provider and not knowing what you’re paying for
  • Inexperienced Technicians
  • Staff not utilizing all available technology
  • Companies feeling like they can’t change their Tech, Feeling “stuck with that person”
  • IT costs being unpredictable every month
  • Losing important data due to poor backup systems (huge problem)
  • No real time email tracking provided and a lack of communication from IT provider
  • Current provider over promising and not fulfilling IT requirements. Or undercut competitor’s pricing only to nickel and dime for everything they do.

How can a great managed services provider eliminate these problems and have your business run smoothly at optimal performance?

To answer this lets look at it problem by problem, a great managed service provider will:

good computer

    • Do proactive work to prevent servers from crashing and will be able to have your server back up and running with in 4 to 6 hours if the server does crash.
    •  Have the newest technology regarding emails that has a Microsoft 99.9% up time guarantee.
    •  Follow best practices and have a large group of highly trained knowledgeable staff that can consult on any issue you might have.
    •  Work with your staff to train them on the new technologies, making them as productive as possible (at least with regard to technology)
    •  Have a 90 minute guaranteed response time to any issue, as well as 24/7 help desk support.
    •  Communicate immediately how long a problem will take to fix and if anything changes we let you know right away.
    •  Have expertise, training, and ability to replace any Tech you have.
    •  Save you a lot of money by replacing your IT department or by freeing up that person that currently is managing IT internally even though their expertise lies in some other operation of your business, hence increasing productivity and revenue
    •  Use specific tools combined with knowledge to remove down time.
    •  Know exactly what your IT expense/budget is every month because you are not nickel and dimed. You don’t have to worry about any issues because you have unlimited access to support. Call whenever you want.
    •  Use a 3 prong solution regarding your valuable data, this protects you 3 different ways so your information is safe and you never lose any important data.
    •  Include a CIO (Chief Information Officer) as a part of the service for you to use without having to create the position yourself.

The traits listed above are of a great IT Managed Services provider.  Not all managed service providers use these tools, follow these practices or offer what is offered above.

However there is one that does, its Matrix Connectivity Solutions. We do everything listed above and we do it well.

All of who we are and our services are designed to fully take care of your technology so that you can operate at your best and succeed in your business. We are not just an ordinary IT Company, we operate with Excellence and have everyone we touch and ourselves be successful.

These days technology is key and having a great managed services provider is important to your companies overall success.

Contact Matrix with questions or for a complementary network analysis to see how we could make a difference for you 604-541-8957 or

You can also follow us on linkedin and like us on Facebook We post solutions regularly on how to resolve the issues discussed in the blog and if you would like we can give you a call to talk about how to take care of these problems.

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