Giving Back to Communities

Take the Time to Reconnect with your Community12193511_10153032849800059_1892832972740310698_n

Many people working in specialized or high-tech fields feel disconnected from the world around them. With the bulk of each week spent in the office or interacting with others within a particular industry, it’s easy to forget how your efforts provide real value and service to the society as a whole.

At Matrix Connectivity, we believe that volunteering is invaluable opportunity for managers and employees to work together towards a common goal outside of the standard office setting. There have been many opportunities for us to get involved with local causes over the last few years, and we try to participate whenever we can.

Several of our team members recently served at the Orange County food bank with another group from Varnex SMB Community. We enjoyed the afternoon working alongside fellow volunteers, including new and familiar faces, to provide food for those in need. Taking part in a community project expands our team’s impact outside of its core industry and supports the community at the same time.

Successful Businesses Focus on Service

12193648_10153032849885059_7865831370805815487_nNo organization stands alone. Whether you run a small restaurant or a large accounting firm, bringing opportunity and prosperity to others in the community creates a firm foundation for your business. Successful companies strive to provide real value for their customers with their products and services.

As a manager or owner of a business, you can also serve the community by involving your organization directly in active projects. Encourage employees to take part in the effort as a wholesome team-building exercise as well as an opportunity to enjoy a change of pace from the routine of the work week.

Finding Local Volunteering Opportunities

Cities, towns and neighbourhoods throughout Canada always need people who will sacrifice some of their time to aid a good cause. Food banks are just one of many options available. You can run in sponsored races to generate donations and stay fit at the same time, or offer your professional expertise with discounted or free services for non-profits.

We encourage you to talk to other companies in your community and check the internet to find activities. If you are still stumped for ideas, you can also check out the Matrix company blog and Facebook page to see some of the volunteer work we’ve done in the past.12190821_10153032849950059_1753572572024734951_n

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