Cyber attacks and mobile devices

Emails are the main hackers’ tool in targeted attacks against companies¬†. Most of us use our mobile devices to read or write corporate emails. We also go ahead and post the corporate email addresses in different social networks. When travelling, we most likely use public Wi-Fi, which sometimes is not encrypted. And on top of this, the same password is used everywhere: server, Twitter, email, LinkedIn. But users should realize that by doing these things their mobile devices can become entry points for targeted cyber attacks. Here are a few tips that help protect sensitive information against hacking:

– do not open attachments of weird emails, especially in Word, Excel, PDF

– use a VPN to access the internet while traveling

– use a secure browser to access the internet

– use Windows 7 (64 bits) and keep it updated

– set up different and complex passwords, whenever prompted

– use complex phone pins and do not store critical data

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