Cloud vs Premises Hosting

canstockphoto12285180The Hosting Decision: On the Ground or in the Cloud?

As your company replaces outdated software and hardware, it will inevitably face the debacle of data storage. When it comes to hosting, there are more options available now than ever before. Variety is great for building a personalized and effective strategy that fits your company’s needs, but it can make decision-making a murky and laborious process.

The Benefits of Cloud Hosting
With low installation cost compared to on-site hosting and no need to routinely replace server hardware, companies can save a lot of money on infrastructure by using cloud hosting. The costs, labor and other maintenance requirements of maintaining the virtual network are lumped into monthly payments to the service provider.
Cloud hosting makes it easier to get lost data back and recover from disasters that would be crippling for on-site servers. You may also benefit from back-up servers that keep your network and website running even if there is a local power or internet outage.

What about Physical Servers?
Premises hosting also offers some advantages compared to cloud, and there are some organizations and companies that choose this route. Keeping physical servers on-site gives the owner direct control over the information. Government agencies and some companies use physical networks to protect confidential files.
Companies with on-site hosting can also retain some use of their servers during an internet outage. If your business connects to a cloud that is hosted elsewhere, then your access relies on your internet connection.

Making the Choice
The decision to use on-site or cloud hosting for your IT needs is not an easy one. Cloud technology offers many benefits to small and mid-sized businesses, but there is also merit to on-site and hybrid strategies to maximize your productivity and return on investment.
To fully understand how hosting options impact your business, you should contact the professionals at Matrix to determine your specific needs and situation. Whether you want to move completely to the cloud or take a hybrid approach to hosting, we can help you make the transition quickly and painlessly. We can also help Canadian organizations with special data security requirements, including those enforced by the law.

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