Clarity and Responsibility are Essential for a Healthy Workplace

canstockphoto Clarity3714652Responsibility is a scary concept both inside and out of the workplace. It’s much easier to place the blame on someone else rather than yourself, but that’s rarely the correct or most effective mentality. You must communicate clearly and take personal responsibility for the results when dealing with employees, contractors or customers.

Whether you are a parent, sports team coach or a member of company management, there will be situations when you don’t get the results you want from your family or team members. It’s natural to feel frustrated or even upset when this happens, but don’t let negative feelings detract from your ability to rationally examine your own mistakes that led to this outcome.

The Power of Clear Communications

As the person making the request, it is the manager’s responsibility to clearly outline their expectations as well as preferred method for reaching the goal. Your employees don’t possess telepathic powers, so you can’t expect them to deliver results unless you tell them exactly what you want. If you expect something specific, then you must give your workers clear and detailed instructions.

Like any other interaction between people, business communications are a two-way street. Employees should ask questions when they don’t completely understand the expectations, or if they aren’t sure how to proceed with a project. Rather than silently resenting the request, they should feel comfortable talking to management about requests that seem unfair or impossible.

Who is Responsible, Manager or Employee?

Taking responsibility for all of your business interactions may seem like a heavy load, but it ultimately gives you more control over the future of your company. As a manager, you must take charge of the circumstances rather than fall victim to them. It’s your job to make sure that your team knows what to do and how to do it.

Of course, employees also share responsibility for their performance in the workplace. Managers should not need to repeat the same instructions or remind workers of the rules every single day. As a professional, you should respect the office decorum as well as the authority of management. If your team has a meeting every Monday morning, it is your responsibility to be on time and ready to go every week.

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