Check Out the Tech’d Out PNE/Playland – It’s GOLD!

In honor of the Olympic games in London – we are handing out our very own GOLD MEDALS to local companies and organizations showing “gold medal performances” when it comes to how they use and incorporate technology to make things easier for the clients and improve their overall business.

Today’s GOLD MEDAL winner is the PNE/Playland!

Cotton candy, mini donuts and all your favourites rides will be in full swing this summer at one of the best, local outdoor attractions in the province.  With so many people opting for staycations, the PNE/Playland has some great offers and is making it even easier for the masses to navigate the massive playground.  They are doing a few things right when it comes to being tech savvy with helping their customers get the information they need but also making sure that information is always correct, immediate and easy to access.

1. is constantly updated and changed to accomodate the three main events/attractions that take place at this one location each year – Playland Amusement Park, Fair at the PNE and Fright Nights.

Throughout the year, the PNE creates mobile sites that feature the main event that people would be searching for at that time. For example, right now if you go to on a smart phone, you will automatically be redirected to their mobile site that features Playland as well as concerts and events going on around the site, such as the upcoming Iron Maiden concert.

On the mobile site, visitors can get quick access to ticket pricing, hours, maps/directions and ride info for Playland, instead of navigating through a large site on their mobile phone. However, if guests want to see the full site, they always have the option of choosing that, as the link is in the footer of the website.

Guests can also buy their Playland tickets on their phone – saving them money (as there is a discount available for buying online), time (bypass the ticket purchase lineup and go right to the gate) and paper (no need to print out a ticket as you just flash the barcode on your phone).

2. Mobile Schedules – guests can access the daily schedule on their phone rather than carrying around a printed guide. What’s new this year is the mobile site will be better and offer feature pages on new shows, featured food locations, the ability to buy your tickets online and it will also give you the chance to vote on some of your favourites.

3.  QR codes – Look for QR codes to vote at contests such as the  Rib Fest, the Sand Sculpture Competition and Canfor’s Playhouse Challenge.  All guests have to do is look for signage at each event, scan the QR Code on the sign if that is their favourite. Everyone who votes for their favourite is entered into a draw to win $100, just for voting!

By using unique QR codes, the PNE can also track where users are scanning the QR code to see where the traffic is coming from and make it even better for next year.

4.  Playland also decided to hold a fun contest centered around social media.  They dropped cameras from the sky to encourage pictures on their social media sites as well as a scavenger hunt for digitial cameras.

Here are a couple of stories that made the media about these creative ideas:


With special thanks: to Kim Madu, Director, Marketing – PNE

Laura Ballance, President, Laura Ballance Media Group Inc. (LBMG)

Rebecca Peters, Director, Media Relations, Laura Ballance Media Group Inc. (LBMG)




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