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Tech Talk: What’s Your Social Media Situation at Work?

To allow social media at work or not? The threat of employees wasting hours NOT working and socializing on facebook and twitter instead has always been a concern. What about one of them opening up a nasty link thanks to

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Tech Talk: Will Microsoft Call or Email Customers Directly? NO, it’s a SCAM!

Phone calls or emails claiming to be from Microsoft are ALL fake. Consumer Alert!

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Where Can You Find a Hands-on demo of the iPhone 5?

One of the more striking things about holding a new iPhone model is how your old iPhone, which seemed perfectly sleek and adequate just an hour earlier, can suddenly feel slow, clunky and heavy. It’s a neat trick, one that Apple is betting on to help it ship new units to existing iPhone owners in the coming year.

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Check List: Is Your Office In Need of IT Support?

We help businesses who don’t need or can’t afford a large IT department in house. We also always monitor your data security for you from emails to large files to all your backups to the cloud. And we do all of this without having to always be in your space. Another big advantage is we DON”T use a bunch of different programs or vendors that most offices would download from the internet or special offers. You can install them but what about monitoring them? We do that for you so you can save endless hours doing the job you need to do to make your business successful.

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Scary Spyware Warning and How to Protect Yourself

One of the worst trends in technology is all the fear of hacking and viruses that we constantly hear about. It takes one dad email link to crash your entire office’s network. That mysterious overseas call offering tech support and asking you to go near your computer while experts on the other end hack wirelessly is a recent one we have seen popping up all over North America.

Or the worst of them all – hackers looking for access to your hard earned money and banking information. It doesn’t seem fair and often happens to the best of us.

We here at the Matrix Group specialize in keeping offices safe from the latest and most aggresive kinds of viruses. Preventative measures are crucial and our services allow us to remotely monitor your computers, network and tech devices and often we can fix the problem without wasting your valuable time.

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Top 10 Places You Should NOT Be On Your Phone

We found this sign today and thought – what a great idea! Imagine being on the other side of the counter trying to provide the best customer service to a client who is on their phone.

Or how about the other way around – often customer service providers are on their phone while attending to customers.

So we did a little staff survey here at Matrix Group and came up with a list of places that should be deemed “tech free zones.”

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