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How We Can Help You Take It to the Cloud – Matrix Services

As more and more offices try to get rid of filing cabinets, cut down on printed documents and time spent on emailing back and forth – moving things to the Cloud makes a lot of sense for the majority of clients we deal with. We found a great article on steps you should consider if you want to make the switch. If you need consultation on this or any IT related matters – keep Matrix Connectivity Solutions in mind.

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Check List: Is Your Office In Need of IT Support?

We help businesses who don’t need or can’t afford a large IT department in house. We also always monitor your data security for you from emails to large files to all your backups to the cloud. And we do all of this without having to always be in your space. Another big advantage is we DON”T use a bunch of different programs or vendors that most offices would download from the internet or special offers. You can install them but what about monitoring them? We do that for you so you can save endless hours doing the job you need to do to make your business successful.

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Top 10 Places You Should NOT Be On Your Phone

We found this sign today and thought – what a great idea! Imagine being on the other side of the counter trying to provide the best customer service to a client who is on their phone.

Or how about the other way around – often customer service providers are on their phone while attending to customers.

So we did a little staff survey here at Matrix Group and came up with a list of places that should be deemed “tech free zones.”

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Safety & Technology

As a technology company, we are all for tech toys, gadgets and being connected all the time! However there is one very, scary trend that needs to END! Texting or talking on a cell phone while driving.

So we are having a contest and giving away gadgets to help you go handsfree (see below)

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Back to School…..errrk…Back to Work Must Haves

September isn’t just the beginning of the school year. While everyone is talking about must haves for back to school – what about the adults – parents, teachers, caretakers, aunts, uncles and home makers etc.

Whether you work from home, small office or for a large corporation – there are some things you should consider adding to your list of must haves tech toys when going back to work full force this fall or even doing some reno’s to the home.

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What to do this Weekend? Events Around Town

Happy weekend and with all this great sunshine – there is so much to do that requires little planning. However if you are looking for some fun events to do with friends, family and even coworkers – here are some of our favourite pics at Matrix Group! Have a safe, happy and memorable weekend. New contest details coming soon….check our social media for new prizes to be won!

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