Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES)

  • Synchronized e-mail, calendar and contacts with Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • No more forwarding e-mails to a third party e-mail address, or having to delete multiple copies of e-mails.
  • Reduce communications costs and streamline corporate communications.
  • Manage and deploy uniform applications and ensure corporate policy compliance.

Business communications and Blackberry Mobile Technology are an integral part of business communications and contact management. With that said, the cell phone bills of most businesses are one of their highest monthly costs. Reducing the cost of doing business and increasing productivity helps your business work smarter and allows you the freedom to allocate those free funds to important projects, expansion, or to increase your bottom line.

The biggest advantage is having a fully integrated mobile device in to your business e-mail network. Simply put that means that your Blackberry and your E-Mail Server with its Global Address Book (GAL), Contacts, Calendar, and E-Mails are constantly in sync.

When you need information, it’s at your finger tips. When you edit the information on either your computer desktop or Blackberry it is reflected almost instantly on both devices, no more syncing with a desktop application, no more duplicate contacts or e-mails, no having to delete e-mails from both devices.

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