Backup and Recovery Services

In a dangerous world of viruses, hackers and fraudsters everyone needs to ensure that their data is backed up and safe. With the possibility of all your businesses trade secrets, e-mails and files being located on one single server, the loss of that server would be catastrophic, which means disaster plans need to be in place.

Data and Server Backups are critical to the long term success of your business and are the single most important aspect of your IT Risk Management Plan. Data loss can be prevented or mitigated with proper planning and implementation of a data backup solution suite. That is why our services include the Enterprise version of Acronis software that allows us to perform a full backup of the server and recover the lost data onto any hardware.

In the past, backing up your business data was laborious and difficult, but with today’s technology we can do full server backups within hours and have copies of all your data safely off premise. Backing up your information is a multi tier plan, but implementing it affordably and successfully has never been easier.

  • Full server images done nightly means reduced downtime in the event of server failure.
  • Rotating your backup media gives multiple copies, on and offsite in case of fire or flood.
  • Email notifications and automatic testing of your images means you always know you are protected.
  • Virtual server images, online backups, database integration, and high reliability servers are just a few possible solutions.

Data backup solutions can be implemented quickly and affordably.  Let us discuss your requirements and see how we can help.

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