Reminder: Backing Up Is Not Enough, Back It Up & Off Site

Dozens of break ins and fires destroy local businesses every month. A recent restaurant and marketing firm in Vancouver suffered from devastating fires and shared their thoughts after some tough lessons learned.

One of them is Boxcar Marketing. Two days after losing most of their business to a fire, they posted this informative blog with some very important tips

We wanted to add a tip this: Backing up your computers and networks is always a great habit to have but also make sure it is OFF site. Backing up your network and computers and leaving that at the office will do no good in case of an emergency or disaster. You have to back it up and keep it off site. But the question is how often?

Answer: Daily? Sounds like a difficult process but it is very easy and all it requires is you to unplug a little device at the end of each day. A similiar process to taking cash off site at the end of a business day, backing up offsite is as simple as unplugging a small hard drive, the size of a little notepad.

It is the easiest way to carry a lot of piece of mind with you!

Here is some informationon how we can help –

No matter how big or small your network, we can help you be safe when it comes to backing up important business and personal files and more importantly, within your budget.

Call us for more details today. 604-541-8957

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By: Kuljeet Kaila

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