Back to School…..errrk…Back to Work Must Haves

Tis the Season to ALSO Shop for Back to Work and for the Home

Vancouver;   September isn’t just the beginning of the school year. While everyone is talking about must haves for back to school – what about the adults – parents, teachers, caretakers, aunts, uncles and home makers etc.

Whether you work from home, small office or for a large corporation – there are some things you should consider adding to your list of must haves tech toys when going back to work full force this fall or even doing some reno’s to the home.

After relaxing summer days, vacation time over, it’s NOT just back to school time, it’s BACK TO WORK time too for a large majority of us.  For some, it’s also a time to reclaim the home from full time students who have taken over.  Whether your kids are going to school for the first time, returning or you are an empty nester – there are tech toys and back to “your life” supplies to get.

So why not  ask an industry leader what his best picks are for going back to the office this fall.  Likky Lavji is not only a tech specialist but father of two kids going back to school.  He specializes in keeping offices working with cutting edge technology year round.

Lavji is the owner of technology provider, Matrix Connectivity Solutions.  A local company who has been helping local offices and business professionals manage technology for over 20 years.

With so much technology and so much of it advertised to kids or teens this time of year, Lavji has done the research for adults of all career paths on what they should get to improve their performance at work, home and even play.

Example 1:  how many pictures do you have stored in  your smartphone that you’ve been “meaning” to print.  Whether to frame keepsakes for the home or office or use the pictures for visual impact in meetings, this iPhone printer is just one of the easy to use tools on the market that will get used for multiple scenarios. (see accompanying picture)

(Complete list of 10 must have items to be revealed in future blogs and reserved for media coverage – stay tuned)

Here are some of the issues, Lavji can address:

  • Want to keep an eye on the house, babysitter or even your PVR recordings?  Lavji can tell viewers and readers the top apps to have on your smartphone.
  • Want to cut down on travel time and have professional video conferencing meetings? Lavji has information on that and iClouding so you never misplace a file or have to run back to the office for it again.
  • Looking to work from home more often – having a mobile office is becoming reality for more and more professionals.
  • Plus want better protective covers for tablets that make them more comfortable to use?

Lavji also has info on what tools to have if you want to be safe on the road with hands free devices.

Media Contact:  Marketing/Promotions, Matrix Group  778-846-6460

For TV interviews – items can be brought in studio or interview can be done at an office

For radio interviews – in person or phone interviews with online file of high res photos for social media

For print interviews – phone interviews, in person photo opportunities available.  We can also provide all photos in high resolution as required

Contact us for a consultation so we can assess your needs and how we may be able to provide easy,

cost effective and new age solutions so you can make the most of your time and focus on making a profit!

Matrix is I.T. with integrity and intelligence!  604-541-8957

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