Adopting Windows 10 for Businesses: Why You Should Wait

Windows 10 is here, but is it the right time to update? windows-10-logo-100465106-large

The prospect of a free Windows upgrade is tempting to many professional consumers, but adopting new operating systems immediately after release can actually hurt your business. While there are plenty of reasons to switch to the new OS, Matrix Connectivity recommends that our clients wait until the first hot fix or service pack is released.

About the Windows 10 OS

For owners of eligible computers and devices running Windows 7 or 8.1, upgrading to the latest Microsoft operating system is free for the first year following the July 29, 2015 launch. Users that wait past the deadline will have to pay for the new OS.

There has been high interest in Windows 10 among information technology professionals before and after the launch of the new OS, according to a recent survey. There are plenty of changes that businesses can look forward to, including convenient modifications of the user interface on the “Client” and “Server” editions.

The Risks of Adopting Windows 10 Early

There are several big reasons we recommend that our clients and other business owners wait to switch over the new Windows OS.

  1. Operation Errors: Since your operating system is tied to virtually all system functions on your computer or mobile device, unexpected bugs are a frustrating disruption at work. Early adopters of the technology inevitably encounter errors with new software or hardware, despite rigorous trials prior to release.
  2. Security Loopholes: The security of Windows 10 is still somewhat unknown. It can take several week or months of mass use for developers to identify loopholes in the system’s defenses. By waiting until the first fix, our clients can avoid some of the risk associated with any new operating system.
  3. Streamlining: As Microsoft developers collect information from users following launch, they are able to find ways to improve performance across the board. In some cases, a new OS may use resources inefficiently and decrease performance of the device.
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