3 Ways Technology Can Make Your Business More Successful

There are three major areas regarding technology that if managed correctly can have your business be drastically more successful.

email1) Emails going down and halting operations does not help your business, any one with this issue knows that. You need to invest in a system that stays up and running and works. –  Office 365, always on, always up, always backed up, with no hardware to support.  Microsoft – The latest vendor in the industry supports you.
When email is working so can your employees – this is a crucial component to your success and the company’s morale.


2) Backups – if it hasn’t happened to you yet. Lucky you, but you better knock on wood because chances are it will happen. At some point something will crash and your data will be gone. (precious, important data) and will you have all that data backed up properly. It’s one of those things that your really don’t know how much you miss till it’s gone.

We recommend – A 3 prong approach which provides you with the ultimate level of protection for either a disaster or data loss. 1st – backup to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device which backups up every hour. 2nd – Backup nightly to a USB drive which is removed off site, 3rd – Using a cloud storage solution to backup critical data to a different region.

Having the important information when you need it is crucial and this can save you what would be countless man hours redoing work that you have already paid to be done once.


costs3) Keeping Costs Stable – When it comes to technology it can get expensive, especially if you only pay when there’s a problem. Getting large bills when something goes wrong can have you stressed out; scraping by to cover overhead one month to have extra another month. The best business strategy is to keep your costs stable.

Hire a managed services provider that has a stable monthly fee, that way you know your costs every month and are better prepared for them. This will most often significantly lower the amount of any major issues because managed service providers have an incentive to be proactive and have everything run smoothly. Where as the The Break Fix Guys only make money when things break, and if they haven’t been proactive in fixing the entire problem, chances are likely the issue will come up again – and so will another bill.

So keeping things running smoothly and knowing what your cost are going to be are very important to any businesses success.

We hope you found this article valuable. We think implementing these suggestion will most certainly make a difference for your business.

If you are interested in implementing these points and even more Please contact us (info@matrixgroup.ca) (604-541-8957). At Matrix this is what we do and so much more.

We are here to facilitate your success through technology and look forward to seeing how we can help you create the success you desire.

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