25 + 1 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter

Twitter is one of the most powerful resources in the social media world and one that can help us keep our brains sharp and users of all ages and backgrounds, a little bit smarter.

Here are just a few our favourite twitter accounts to follow with the full list below by Mashable.com

1. @GoogleFacts – there are numerous fact providing twitter handles out there but Google brings some of the best hidden facts and research out in their tweets. Example: did you know you can’t snore and dream at the same time?

2. @tedtalks – not just great tweets for the hardcore techies but for anyone interested in MacGyver type details. Example: they posted a link on how an alarm clock and an old computer mouse can make a medical device. Hello science project time!

3. @NASA – who doesn’t want out of the world information and how space travel works. Unbelievable and very impressive facts straight from space ships.

4. Of course you should follow us @GoMatrixGroup or link in right to www.twitter.com/GoMatrixGroup
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Here is the rest of the list.

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